Cuomo Says De Blasio Should Be More Like Bloomberg When It Comes To MTA Funding

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying to get under Mayor de Blasio‘s skin yet again.

As CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported, Cuomo has made no secret about wanting de Blasio to cough up more dough for mass transit. But his latest demand came with a special twist of the knife, since it’s common knowledge there’s no love lost between de Blasio and the man he replaced, Michael Bloomberg.

“Mike Bloomberg invested in the MTA, and it was an investment that I think is going to go down in his legacy as one of the smartest moves he’s made as mayor,” Cuomo said on WNYC radio. “I think the same thing should happen for this mayor.”

Bloomberg is arguably de Blasio’s Achilles’ heel. De Blasio has led the charge to deny Bloomberg a third term, and he’s gone to great lengths to be the anti-Bloomberg in governing the city.

So demanding that de Blasio be more like his predecessor was a Cuomo jab guaranteed to provoke, irritate and annoy.

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