Customer data silos continue to hold up the omnichannel experience

The omnichannel mandate of creating a seamless ominchannel experience for customers regardless of whether they’re online or in-store remains a distant goal for enterprises.

Today’s consumer has an array of options from which to choose to research and purchase products: they can shop in-store or online, via a mobile phone or research products on a blog or community site for reviews. Consumers may also commune with peers on community sites or on blogs and social media sites. Or they may use mobile wallet technologies to pay for products and receive discounts.

2 thoughts on “Customer data silos continue to hold up the omnichannel experience”

  1. This is why a lot of company’s are loosing money. Well known stores like Walmart/Kmart are loosing business to online sites like Amazon and Ebay. Online shopping is so convinient.
    & now with the rise of IPAY and Google wallet company’s need to start getting the technology so that people can pay with their smartphones… The stores who don’t have the technology will loose out on money if most of their customers start using their smartphones to pay.


  2. The technology is just not there for most of these retailers. Down here in the rio grande valley (south texas) our retailers are soooooo behind. I’ve gone to San Antonio and San Marcos, Texas and you will have no problem paying with your smartphone at practically any store but where I live they look at you weird. Like if we are from another planet. We are behind in technology. My husband and I had to teach an associate how to take a payment from our phones lol. They didn’t want to take the payment because they said it wasn’t possible. We proved them wrong. So apart from making the customers experience seamless they also need to train employees. It’s such a time consuming process when it comes to all retailers


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