Intermodal’s role in supply-chain solutions

In the September issue of Progressive Railroading, BNSF Railway Co.’s Group Vice President for Consumer Products Katie Farmer penned a guest column on the many ways in which intermodal service is providing solutions to the challenges in the supply chain industry today.

Farmer notes that U.S. rail intermodal volume reached a record 13.5 million containers and trailers in 2014, breaking the previous year’s record. The sector has grown in large part because of the billions of dollars that railroads have invested — and continue to invest — in infrastructure improvements and capacity expansion. Those upgrades have helped the intermodal business to thrive.

In contrast, lane miles added to the nation’s highways have not kept pace with the significant increase in vehicle miles traveled over the past 25 years. That’s where rail intermodal comes in to help reduce congestion on highways, as well as to improve greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade, Farmer writes.

To learn more about the role rail-intermodal service plays in the supply-chain industry, read Farmer’s column.