Take it Easy EDI

Getting started with EDI may not seem to be the easiest venture a business could undertake. But regardless of the level of difficulty, it’s a necessity for a growing number of trading partners who want to transact business together. Take these steps to ease the ongoing efforts necessary to use EDI and to turn it into a performance enhancement for your operations.

Include your trading partners
Once your EDI operations are functioning consistently there’s little reason to do business with your trading partners in any other way than electronically. Make certain your VAN connection is available to all your partners and provide information they need in order to get on board with your business. While it may not be reasonable to connect electronically with 100% of your partners, getting as close to full participation can lower your error rates and lighten the load from manual processing. Contact your VAN to help with the recruiting and onboarding process.

Integrate your operations
Your operations depend on the software you use to process orders and manage inventory. Product cycles continue to become shorter and links between finances and order delivery are critical to having a synchronized and accurate process. Making manual or even batch oriented updates between your EDI and ERP systems slows your ability to act and react in a timely manner to changing conditions within your supply chain.