Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa

Sree is travelling

Overview of my 3 day Goa trip

Basilica of Bom Jesus (Borea Jezuchi Bajilika) in Old Goa houses the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. “Bom Jesus” means Good or Infant Jesus. The letters “IHS” at the top of the façade represents the first 3 letters of Jesus in Greek. Construction of the Basilica, which is one of the oldest in India, started in the year 1594 and was consecrated in 1605. The holy relics of St. Francis Xavier were placed in a silver casket in this Basilica on 2 December, 1637. Every 10 years public exposition for 6 weeks takes place.

The Entry is free and photography is allowed inside the Basilica. But one interesting thing I noted was that you are not allowed to take photos of persons (posed photos) inside. I guess selfies are fine 😉. Being a popular pilgrimage and tourist spot, it can become…

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