Amazing Bali with unlimited memories- Day 03

My Life

Last day in Bali, but not last in Indonesia. As this is the last post on Bali, I’m taking this opportunity to express my feelings on this place in few words before I start this post. Bali travel was mostly like a dream for me – Before going to Bali I was imagining myself in pretty landscapes and turning the chapters of the beautiful canvas of nature, one at a time. As I arrived the destination , it felt exactly like I dreamt where rolling greens spread like a carpet(Pacung and many rice terraces), floating clouds jealously hugged the mountains(Mt.Batur,Mt.Agnur and Mt.Agung) alongside and a seamless path ahead dotted with colourful  and amazing Hindu culture (the temples). Trip to Kintamani and PuraBesakih temple  has really numbed my noisy existence of city life, The drive was simply amazing, the destination was the journey itself. Let’s see how we spent the last day…

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