Dropshipping and Drones – Today vs. Tomorrow

The only drone developments that directly impact dropshipping in the USA  today are Amazon and Google  testing drones developed for delivering goods to customers.


E-commerce giant Amazon.com Inc. is developing aerial drones that it said could deliver products directly to consumers’ homes within the next five years. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said the vehicles could deliver up to five pounds in a 10-mile radius of Amazon’s 96 warehouses within 30 minutes. Bezos said. “It will work, and it will happen, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun,” he said, according to Bloomberg News.

The Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration would have to approve the use of drones, Bloomberg said. Congress has directed it to write regulations to allow such vehicles in United States airspace by 2015. Drones are currently used to deliver textbooks in Australia, and an experiment using them is under way in China. In addition to the faster time to deliver products, drones could provide a supply chain with a smaller environmental impact. Bezos said, “It’s very green,” he said, according to Bloomberg. “It’s better than driving trucks around.”

But many other things are happening that could and will impact dropshipping:

Yes, the industry is full of stories of drones:

Man shoots down drone over house

Social Internet start-up FairPromise is searching for drone operators to pull display advertising around populated areas.

Right now the impact on home delivery seems to be too much in the experimental stage to predict when (if) it will happen.