Back to school Style : Classic Jeans

Glitter Cutie

Summer is almost over and its about that time to start thinking about the new school year. Whether you are still in high school or is taking some college classes you definitely want to make an impression of your first day. The back to school shopping has started and you’rein need of some new clothes. The one thing that you need in your closet, jeans of course.

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The Perfect Metric? Take A Closer Look.

In a business environment that’s ever-increasingly dependent on and driven by metrics, the perfect order seems like, well, a perfect metric. R. Wang of Constellation Research originally conceived and developed the perfect order as a as a tool for retailers to monitor supplier performance.

Wang’s perfect order checklist included 20 items, but what makes it especially useful is that it’s easy to understand and can be easily adapted to just about any retailer-supplier relationship. At a most basic level, the perfect order checklist answers four questions:

  • Is the order on time?
  • Is the order complete?
  • Is the order accurate?
  • Is the order undamaged?

A fifth question – Is the documentation, including invoice, accurate and complete? – is also a key component of the perfect order for most retailers.