Standing on A Corner

DoubleU = W

in the time that I’ve occupied

this corner between sixth

and road to nowhere

I’ve been gassed by buses,

accosted by street preachers,

blasted with terrible music,

targeted by dog piss,

reviled by nubile women,

dismissed by the suits,

screamed at by some dreadlocks,

panhandled by pigeons

and yet I wait

won’t you come and rescue me

from this concrete prison


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Central New England Railway Getting New Signal Tower at Hopewell Junction

For many years we have covered the historic Central New England Railway. Since 2006 we have covered their bus tours of the old railroad right-of-way. We have always covered the restoration of the Hopewell Junction depot.

Now they have a new and ambitious project. A new signal tower! The Tower Crowdfunding effort is now live on CauseVox and they have a Tower page on their web site!
Support the Hopewell Depot Tower Build campaign!
Learn more about the tower fundraising campaign on CauseVox.

The statement below explains their plans:

Almost 20 years ago, we began an all-volunteer effort to save Hopewell Junction’s last-standing railroad building. We opened that to the public in 2012.

Now we want to continue showcasing the community’s industrial past and also add the first high-quality restrooms to the adjacent Dutchess Rail Trail.With your help, we will build a replica of the switching tower that stood here from 1892 to 1938.

The tower will add to the historic value of our park, as we preserve the history and tell the story of the region’s railroads and the founding of Hopewell Junction. The restrooms will be on the first floor and the second floor will feature educational displays.

So please consider joining our campaign by making a tax-deductible donation. Also, if your employer supports matching grants, please forward the application to: Hopewell Depot Tower Project, P.O. Box 1044, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533.