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The lazy day approach is still ongoing here at Amateur Airplanes and I am starting to see some good in it. While it isn’t ideal for me to take such a different approach, it’s teaching me that every set of builds doesn’t have to be efficient every day. It also isn’t like I haven’t done anything at all in the past few days. The Sea Fury has caught up and I started painting the invasion stripes. Flat white was used first and now I need to mask off the white to accept the flat black. The F-4 is the other build that has seen some progress. The wing roots look good after priming and I filled a few more gaps here and there to finish up. The rest of the wing assembly has been completed and I thiink I can call it ready for paint. So not my usual production…

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Omnichannel Marketing, Visibility and Perfect Order

One of the biggest business changes wrought by the rise of the Internet is omnichannel retailing – the ability for consumers to make purchases at any time in any place, and then have the product directly delivered to any address in the world.
This creates a major challenge for suppliers who don’t yet have fully operational EDI and automated, real-time processing. Consumers don’t just want products on demand – they also want accurate information concerning product availability, when the product will ship, and when it will arrive. Providing this information requires that the supplier’s ERP and EDI systems are integrated, and that real-time updates flow between EDI systems, the retailer’s ERP, and the customer interface.

EDI providers make much of the technical coordination easier by providing infrastructure that seamlessly connects the supplier’s and retailer’s EDI systems. This, in turn, makes it easier for perfect orders (orders that meet 20 criteria first specified by R. Wang at Constellation research) to be accomplished, with suppliers fully participating in omnichannel orders.

Perfect orders aren’t necessary, most of the time, to satisfy consumers’ needs. But many of the criteria are crucially important. Just as visible, real-time order tracking is vital for omnichannel sales, the same visibility for all orders can work wonders in getting orders perfect (or close to it).

EDI Made Simple: A New Approach
This paper will present a clear, simple path to successful implementation of a highly productive and profitable EDI initiative in your company. If you’re about to bring EDI into your processes, this brief will help you avoid the potential pitfalls encountered when approaching it without this guidance. If you’ve attempted to implement EDI already, you’ll likely recognize at least some of the problems we describe, and gain from our explanations on how to avoid them.