Integrating 3pl with Omnichannel Can be a Big Plus

“If you are a retailer without logistics and delivery capability, you have to decide what omnichannel means to you,” says Ram Ganeshan, a professor of business at the Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary.
It’s imperative to determine the ordering avenues a company wants its customers to have, says Ganeshan. Then, if the company can’t provide those sales opportunities to its customers, then it should turn to a 3pl capable of fulfilling those different ways of shipping products to their final destinations.

Companies providing 3pl, the acronym for third party logistics, provide fulfillment and logistic services to retailers, wholesalers and distributors needing help to get their product to their customers. In fact, they also house your operation’s inventory and fill orders, so you don’t need to worry about renting a warehouse to store your goods

Tapping into 3pl to omnichannel sales and deliveries
Before determining whether utilizing 3pl will support a company’s interest in providing omnichannel sales to its customers, a retailer needs to decide how those sales would look. For example, does the retailer want customers to be able to buy products in brick-and-mortar locations that will be shipped to the purchaser? Perhaps the vendor seeks to allow customers to buy products online that are then shipped somewhere. If the retailer does not have the wherewithal to fulfill those sales themselves, a company providing 3pl services is the answer.

3 Keys To Automated EDI Integration

This paper will present the key components of a successful automated integration solution for ERP and EDI without customizations. After reading this paper you’ll learn how to gain a competitive advantage with this approach to EDI and ERP integration and how purchasing tools which force customizations to your ERP system can leave you responsible for costly and time consuming modifications to the systems.


Following this best practice approach to integration can help you on your way to experience integration success.