In Utica, Locomotive Pulled Free Of Crash Site

After several weeks of waiting, crews pulled a decorative steam engine out from a tower supporting Utica, New York’s Union Station pedestrian bridge.

The 102 year old, 80-ton engine had been stuck inside the tower since July 21, when a 265,000-pound rail car ran wild through the city before colliding with it and forcing it into the tower.

Cables were hooked to another train engine and then attached to the locomotive. It was then slowly pulled out of the tower.

Crews had removed the rail car by also attaching an engine to the car. Work was done by crews from the Adirondack Scenic Railroad which is headquarted in Union Station.

After a 13 year old youth released the brake, the train car rolled from where it was parked under the Burrstone Road overpass across the North-South Arterial all the way to the station.

Picking up speed as it went, it cruised down residential blocks and across several intersections before it crashed into the locomotive at the station. By then, it was going between 30 and 40 mph, officials have estimated.

Damage from the incident is expected to exceed more than $1 million.

The teenager, meanwhile, is not facing charges.


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