Managed Services Offset Complexity In The Supply Chain

Many supply chain participants feel their operations are too complex for them to manage. EDI service providers offer “managed services” to address complexity.

So why are Supply Chains so complex to manage? First of all, the terminology tends to overwhelm the average Supply Chain: end-to-end planning, control tower, integrated supply chain. Staff sometimes does not know if they are firefighters or air traffic controllers. The number of connections around the world keeps getting bigger and more complex. Supply chains link the world’s population tightly together; all our lives depend increasingly on timely and smooth operations and careful SCM. Countering complexity with complexity is not the answer they are looking for.

What are managed services and what do they offer to Supply Chains?

Yes, it does sound confusing. But we recently took a look at both managed EDI and at supply chain complexity, so we are part of the way there.

The best way to combat complexity is with simplicity:

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