Sounds  like something from the Koch Brothers or the Bush Family?
Nope, right out of our Democratic President, Barack Obama.
Let’s make sense out of nonsense!

With help from Brooklyn Senator Chuck Schumer,
we have assembled a virtual armada of information.
Other experts included like political economist, professor, author, and political commentator Robert Reich.

This event is open to all Americans, our members and guests.  We welcome you all to come and interact with fellow Americans in the region and engage in American political discussions.  We will give a brief presentation on a current topic particularly where the issue stands in the Washington political discourse.  Join us to formalize our viewpoint as Americans living abroad before our summer holiday.  The next Political Wine is scheduled for October.

Political Wine

03 June (last one before summer holiday!) / 18h30 – 20h00

Price: order at least 1 drink at the bar.

La Canne à Sucre / Sports 11

11 promenade des Anglais 06000 NICE


Parking: Palais de la Méditerranée or Palais Masséna

Public Transport: several bus lines serve bus stops: Congrès/Joffre, Grimaldi, Congrès Promenade (all in walking distance)

There is no formal entry fee to participate except to support our host, La Canne à Sucre, by ordering 1 drink minimum.  To help DAF – Riviera coordinate this event, we ask that you reply to this e-mail as an RSVP – even if you are a ‘maybe‘!

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