3 Ways To Make Onboarding Suppliers Easier

Build the greatest supplier collaboration system yet, but if your suppliers don’t show up and endorse it, you are nowhere. The answer is three steps to bring the suppliers onboard. Plan, Prioritize and be Proactive: the “Three P’s”.

1. Plan
Yes, planning is the first step before anything else happens? Find out about your suppliers. Break them into two major groups:

B2B Suppliers: Those using a defined EDI format to send and receive data. Suppliers will adapt to a system which uses a format which they already are using instead of developing a format specific to your need.



Online Suppliers: Most important information to get from them is the type and version of browsers they are using. Onboarding of suppliers using supported browsers should occur first. Now work with the remaining suppliers to either change browsers or work with your technical team to add support for additional browsers. Remember that changing browsers is easier and cheaper than developing support for a new browser.



Merger or acquisitions will increase the number of suppliers to be on boarded as well as the type. Plan ahead by adding connectivity options. This will allow you to scale up as needed. This is a better alternative than managing multiple portals.