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How To Work with Google News Archive


This Blog is managed by Mr. J. A. Munoz, M.Ed. ; a retired General Motors senior designer.

The main purpose of this blog is to help other users create and maintain their family trees.

I have been working on family trees for the past few years and have been using the Google Newspaper Archive list to find stories for other family trees.

I set up this Blog to introduce users to the Enhanced News Archive List with Locations I created off of the Google News Archive List.

The Google News Archive List has 2440 newspaper titles which link the reader to several thousand newspapers from all around the world and were published over decades. The problem is that “Google News Archive List” has only the newspaper titles and not where they were published.

I took it upon myself to identify the location of each of these 2440 newspaper titles and created a table which gives not only the name of the newspaper but where it was published. I provide a link to the original Google News Archive list .

I created a subsequent table which lists only the newspapers published in the United States, so the reader will not have to browse through the 2440 newspaper list. Link:USA Only List of Newspapers

This blog has links to the various tables and instructions on how to use newspaper stories and Ancestry.com to build or refine their own family tree. I give instructions on how to capture (clip) the stories out of the old newspapers and how to best present them in a family history.

I give illustrations of best practices using other blogs which I’ve found to be good examples of presentation and writing. I post stories from the newspapers which are compelling or which I have found or am looking for family tree owner who can then include the item on the family tree.

I hope this blog will help others with researching their family history and allow them to use old newspapers to gather information which will enhance their family trees.

How To Work with Google News Archive

Updated on 01 Dec 2014 In my last posting I wrote about the date error on The Argus Press newspaper collection in Google News Archive list . This posting will show you how… Continue reading