Angry subway riders rip Cuomo over miserable commutes

Angry subway riders ripped Gov. Cuomo on Sunday March 15, 2015 for what they called deteriorating transit service — and even made posters about their miserable commutes while calling for more funding for the MTA.

The advocacy group Riders Alliance collected stories about riders’ commutes from hell at the Atlantic Avenue- Barclays Center station in Brooklyn to share with Cuomo and the state legislature in Albany.

The group said it has seen a major increase in complaints from its members about service problems in recent weeks.

“The subway service has been atrocious recently, and people get frustrated with the MTA,” said Alliance Executive Director John Raskin. “People need to take their frustrations to Gov. Cuomo and the state legislature.”

“Lately, it’s been worse and worse,” she said. “One day, it was a 35-minute bus ride to go 1 mile. Then you get to the F train, and it’s like the sardines.”

Straphangers have also been taking to Twitter to rip Cuomo about the transit system.

“I look at this wall every time I wait for the subway in Brooklyn and think #thankscuomo,” tweeted Joanna Oltman Smith about her run-down Park Slope station. “@RidersNY.”

The MTA is facing a $15 billion deficit in its upcoming capital plan, which funds big projects such as the Second Avenue subway and bringing the LIRR to Grand Central.

The MTA said full funding of its upcoming capital plan would help them strengthen and grow the transit system.

Cuomo oversees the agency, and he and the legislature approve funding for it.

“As subway ridership continues to grow past 6 million a day, fully funding the MTA’s 2015-2019 Capital Program will let us renew, enhance and expand the MTA network,” the agency said in a statement.