Action Under The Streets Of New York City

Action Under The Streets of New York City

Railway Age put together a great article on all the cool things happening underground in New York City: Made (mostly under) Manhattan Written by  Douglas John Bowen .

The new Fulton Center is great because it is something that is visible to New Yorkers. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) recently  unveiled the Fulton Center, a fully digital transit and retail hub located at the crossroads of Lower Manhattan on Broadway and John and Fulton streets in New York City.

The $1.4 billion Fulton Center’s opening streamlines customer access to and from nine (soon to be 11) subway lines. And the debut of the related Dey Street Passageway, which also opened last November and is often ignored by the media, will offer pedestrians underground access to and from the nearby PATH World Trade Center station—in effect giving New Yorkers weather-sheltered access halfway across Manhattan’s downtown, from the Hudson River to past Broadway, and including numerous skyscrapers old and new in the process.

South Ferry Station is the most vulnerable of at least 10 flood prone subway stations, most

South Ferry Station
South Ferry Station

in Brooklyn and Queens, being addressed

Seemingly a world away, five miles or so up the Hudson River in Midtown Manhattan, system expansion competes with rehabilitation far more aggressively, as two subway extension projects move forward fitfully:

7th Avenue Line
7th Avenue Line

The No. 7 line addition reaching toward Manhattan’s “far” West Side; and the Second Avenue Subway, decades delayed but now a real thing with an optimistic December 2016 opening date for Phase 1, and a Phase 2 add-on north to 125th Street being openly discussed.

And while the tripartite spurs have generated widespread repair, rehabilitation, and new construction throughout at least four of New York’s five boroughs, four of the high-cost, high-profile subway projects predictably can be found in the high-cost, high-profile borough, Manhattan.