Platforms for Art Under the City (If You Notice)

Had not been in New York City literally for years. It was about Halloween last Fall. Heading from Times Square to bus terminal I saw these really great pictures painted on the (beautifully white) wall. Thought they were old-time “trick and treaters”. Guess I had better not give up my writing job for an art critic job. The picture at the top was NOT “trick and treaters”. It was  Jane Dickson’s mosaics of New Year’s Eve revelers. As much as I enjoy them, you run the risk of getting plowed under at rush hour if you pause to admire them along the passageway that connects the Times Square and Port Authority bus terminal subway stations where they’re located.


An Art Tour of the Subway System With Sandra Bloodworth, the Director of MTA Arts & Design. A great article by RALPH GARDNER JR. Ms. Bloodworth is also the co-author, with William Ayres, an independent curator, of “New York’s Underground Art Museum.” It details the 250 works decorating the subway system and the 50 more in progress.

Ms. Bloodworth politely declined to speculate on the completion date for the Second Avenue subway. However, when that glorious moment arrives it will be accompanied by eye-catching art. Renderings of which can be found in “New York’s Underground Art Museum.”

Among the artists is Sarah Sze. She’ll be doing a monumental mosaic along the escalators descending into the 96th Street station. Pixilated mosaic portraits by Chuck Close of New York cultural luminaries have been commissioned for the 86th Street station.


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