Big Data Applications and Cloud A Heavenly Match

CIOs know, you know, I know that organizations need to utilize Cloud-based applications and infrastructure so that they are digitally competitive. Why are perceived budget and security concerns stymying digital initiatives?
The path to cloud computing has turned into a highway. But, many CIOs / senior executives are not riding that highway. A new report from cloud provider Canopy, is based on a survey of 950 CIOs and other key executives.

The survey reported fear that businesses will become uncompetitive, with a large majority (74 percent) believing this will happen as soon as the next 15 months. In fact, these executives estimate that their businesses lost a collective $41 billion in revenues last year due to the lack of ideal cloud solutions. Wait a minute, they know something is very wrong; shouldn’t this be a huge priority?

The reasons for the Cloud are all over the business: in marketing & sales, operations, human resources. While 94 percent recognized the need to embrace cloud-based applications and infrastructure to deliver digital transformation, more than two-thirds (68 percent) admitted that a lack of cloud investment was holding back their company’s vital digital initiatives. The CIO’s no longer control investment and operations like they once did; so their role really becomes the “preacher” of the Cloud who reaches all across the organization.

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