Find out about Rail and Transit Projects in a New York Minute

How many transit-rail projects are under way in the United States and Canada today? It would be difficult to count each and every transit expansion, station improvement or track project, but we believe our annual Passenger Rail at a Glance guide serves as a good gauge. This year, 32 agencies responded to our requests for capital project and general agency information to publish in our guide. The majority of their responses can be found here, in the guide itself, while information on five new rail projects under way or on the docket at agencies were posted as an online supplement to the guide. There are, as always, some transit agencies that didn’t respond and are noticeably missing, but we believe the information we collected this year is a representative sampling of the transit work that’s happening now or scheduled to begin soon. Thanks to Angela Cotey  for pointing us to this spot We used to try and track all the transit agencies, but it got a little tough to do workload wise, so we really appreciate. Enjoy! Pictured at top is NY City’s Second Avenue

Washington  DC Streetcar
Washington DC Streetcar

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