What Do SCM Leaders Do In A Crisis?

It all boils down to: (1) Being familiar with emergency procedures; (2) Having VISIBILITY of the supply chain; and (3) finding the right people, provide continuous training and allow them to learn and develop by rotating their roles in the supply chain.
Supply chain managers are always on the “hot seat”: Excess inventory equals obsolescence; lean inventory equals stockouts; either/or hits the bottom line. These “mini crisis” are on a daily basis and prepare the SCM crew for tougher crisis. Be it inventory, transportation, production, or planning, these folks are ready!.

When it comes to supply chain risk: Lack of Visibility (“WHAT IS BEHIND CURTAIN NUMBER 2”) is the biggest danger. While high-tech and apparel industrieshave the best visibility, the supply chain still needs improvement across the board. It is all about those lower-tier suppliers, and even some tier 1 suppliers. If asked, a high percentage of companies have continuity plans and a dual-source strategy. My question is if this is all reactive stuff or have they addressed the unknown?


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