Top 5 Disaster Risks To Your Business

Before going into the list of biggest risks, here is a “preamble to risks”. You need to be familiar with emergency procedures. This means the entire Chain (purchasing, etc.). The Control Tower idea, when done correctly and in conjunction with other fixes can be very successful. Visibility is a prerequisite to supply chain agility, responsiveness and almost everything in the supply chain. Companies need to find the right people, provide continuous training and allow them to learn and develop by rotating their roles in the supply chain.

It’s not the first time the Bay Area has been rocked by an earthquake, yet events like a recent magnitude-6.0 earthquake never fail to serve as a wake up call to small businesses in California and beyond. Guess what? Earthquakes–though, often severe–aren’t the biggest ecological events owners need to be concerned by.

Weather-related storms like hurricanes, tornadoes and Nor’easters can wreak far more havoc.

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