Delaware and Hudson Railway: Gone But Not Forgotten – Part 1

Our manager was once a member of the Bridge Line Historical Society. So instead our manager gives us stories to do on the Union Pacific. We know for a fact the only time he ever rode the UP, they carted him off to war.

D&H Ticonderoga Branch

 An excellent source of information on the Ticonderoga Branch, the Baldwin Branch and the main line in the Ticonderoga vicinity is www.tibranch. com. This detailed website is hosted by Ticonderoga native and rail historian Mark Wright. 

 I understand from my readings that the paper mill was moved out of Ticonderoga proper and into it’s current location on Lake Champlain circa 1970 or 1971. But the branch itself was placed out of service around 1976 and removed completely around 1981. What customers kept this branch in business until then? And did it not see a train beyond 1976?

 That website also has an interesting discussion about several proposals to build a railroad to the iron mine at Tahawus in the early 1900’s. For one reason or another they never materialized until the titanium was needed many years later for the war effort. By then there were other sources of iron ore that were easier to mine and move to market. However much of the iron used in the early history of the country (including the Brooklyn Bridge) came from the Adirondacks near Newcomb. See the section titled “Tahawus Railroad Project”.

D&H Business Car ²at Colonie in '60's
D&H Business Car ²at Colonie in ’60’s

See our Blog about rail to montreal: When Did Passenger Trains Begin to Run between New York City and Montreal?


Railroad Station at Troy, New York

Railroad Station at Troy, New York

The station in Troy was owned by the Troy Union Rail Road. The TURR lasted from the mid 19th Century till the mid 20th Century. It was owned by the New York Central, Delaware & Hudson and Boston & Maine. Access from the South was from Rensselaer; from the West, via the Green Island Bridge; from the North was street running almost the entire length of Troy. See
Penney’s blog for more information (and a great movie from the 1950’s).


D&H transfer headed to the Congress Street tunnel.

Tahawus Satellite View

Satellite View of Tahawus

 Cooperstown Train Station

Cooperstown Train Station: now a private residence

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