A Movie Filmed On The Troy & Schenectady Railroad???

Anybody ever hear of a movie filmed on the Troy & Schenectady branch of the New York Central Railroad?

A railroad movie seller, GE Nordell, has just added in a new movie called “Block Signal”  Railroad Film Festival (page 1) at Spirit of America Bookstore
He thinks it was filmed on the T&S in 1926

Check out the DVD cover Amazon.com: Block Signal (Silent): Ralph Lewis, Jean Arthur, Hugh Allen, George Chesebro, Frank O’Connor: Movies & TV

I asked the T&S Group on YAHOO Forums this question.

First comment I got was “I just got done watching it, unfortunately I don’t recognize any scenes but could be wrong.  The engines are labeled T&S but don’t look like NYC engines.  I do like the clerk at “Winona” station, quite cute. “

Then I got a reply from Gino DiCarlo who is the acknowledged expert on the T&S: “There must have been another T and S railroad out there.  There was no Troy and Schenectady railroad.  It was the Schenectady and Troy until the New York Central grabbed it.  The Troy and Schenectady was the branch name the NYC gave it! “

OK, tried to excite the group:

Before we strictly eliminate the idea that a movie was ever made on the T&S, think about it. T&S is a simple little shortline.


Most of the trackage is gone.


Only “claim to fame” is that it once had a grade crossing on the United States Interstate Highway System. Only one ever?


Maybe we should better promote the T&S. Make into a popular “cult railroad”?


Bloggist Penney Vanderbilt has been doing this with the Troy Union Railroad and the “Fabled Rutland Milk”. She has also done a lot with the Saratoga & North Creek and “Mystic Tahawus”. Still makes her money elsewhere with All Aboard Florida and the Florida East Coast Railroad plus Metro North Railroad.


Maybe we could become like Bernie Rudberg’s Central New England Railway. They run a bunch of tour buses around every year to see old stations converted to houses and peer at vast expanses where trains used to run.


We could run bus tours, sell T-Shirts, and do whatever cult railroads do. Gino, I will fly over from France if you do a co-narration with me?

Where was there a movie company? FJ&G guys help me out. Didn’t Gloversville have music companies? Did they do movies too?


Know what you mean, BLOCK SIGNAL does not give me a reference point either.


Try this though:

Collection cover, NOT Block Signal

If you  use your imagination: “could” be T&S heading out from Schenectady. buildings at right “could” be American Locomotive?????

Find out about Challenge and Fairpromise

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