SCM Personnel: Hardest Jobs To Fill

Our recent article on Opportunities in Your Supply Chain listed “Developing Supply Chain Talent” as a major opportunity. An article by Laura Cecere included a very interesting research study on “Ease or Difficulty of Filling Supply Chain Positions”. Outside of the managerial ranks (always hardest anyway), the most difficult are: Demand Planner; Network Planning Analyst; Supply Planner. Yes, it represents “traditional SCM” (EDI and Control Towers are not in the study).
A very meaningful quote from Laura tells how critical staffing is to the supply chain: “differences between a leader and laggard boil down to five things: supply chain leadership, talent management, active design of the supply chain, strong horizontal processes, and being good at supply chain planning.”

She has also published an in-depth look at staffing: “Supply Chain Talent – A Broken Link in the Supply Chain”. Here she states that from a recent study that only one in three companies today thinks that they are managing supply chain talent effectively.

Laura points out that supply planning is at the heart of the problem. Yes, there is a shortage of mid-management supply chain talent and the toughest to fill are supply chain planners. These folks need a good understanding of the business (sounds like EDI). Loss of a great planner can hurt.

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