Conference Crashing: The Latest Trend in Networking

Agile entrepreneurs have make “conference crashing” a trend. No more thousands spent on big shows! Instead, company founders instead “network” the lobby. Hey, these start-ups don’t have much funding. Priorities are finding clients and partners; both of which are found at these big shows. They save however they can.

Gee, we tried the same thing: Just got through reading about the Rail Trends Conference in New York City on November 20 and 21 in New York City. WOW it sounds fantastic! Ran into the bosses office (well, actually ran over to his table, since we all work out of a seaside restaurant). Told him I really wanted to go and would get a lot out of it. He says: “No KC, we don’t have it in the budget. Go back to your table and write a good story about it and maybe they will send you a Press Pass”.

No comparison of the panels and videos to meeting someone someone in the lobby who can arrange an important meeting. These folks are crying for funding, face-time, and learning the ropes and maybe they can find someone who is willing to help. Just think of it: venture capitalists, experienced executives, and other key folks in their field all in one place. Those one-on-one mini-meetings are where the beef is.