Made in America? 

Just published a blog on Made in U.S.A. where I told you “to stay tuned for more on this subject”. OK, the next installment is spelled “W A L M A R T”.

Today Walmart is hosting a summit on US manufacturing in Denver. Can you help me uncover the truth about Walmart’s made in America campaign?

With no sense of irony, Walmart is talking about its pledge to invest in American jobs and bring back American manufacturing. But all of Walmart’s expensive television ads can’t cover up the truth.

While Walmart claims to be investing in American made products, the truth is less than .5% of the products it sells on its website say they were made in the USA. What’s more, Walmart is America’s number 1 importer and its trade with China is estimated to have cost America 200,000 jobs between 2001-2006 alone. (Read more here.)

From someone who works at Walmart, shecan’t help but wonders if Walmart really cares about improving US jobs, why doesn’t it start right now by increasing wages for its 1.3 million store workers like her? Most of them are living on the brink as they struggle to care for their families on Walmart’s low wages.

Can you take a look at the image below and then share it with your friends on social media? That way we can let everyone who is attending Walmart’s summit know that Walmart isn’t investing in American jobs, it’s just investing in good PR.