Can The United States Postal Service Be Saved?

Pictured above represents a Supply Chain Management Control Tower. Don’t expect to currently find one in back of your local post office. Look for lots of them at company called DHL which is the German Post Office.

Jim O’Reilly, writing in EBN, presented a very good discussion on saving the USPS.

Yes, his ideas are good and I encourage you to read his article. Other countries, like Canada, have postal cost problems and are following a deliberate path to shed unneeded buildings, cut home delivery, etc.

But out there is a winner: Germany, the owner of DHL Express, a division of the German Post Office.


The United States government, and the sometimes-awkward Congress have surprisingly “thought out of the box” a couple of times in the last forty years in a very successful way. First in 1976 with CONRAIL, then more recently with General Motors.


Now is the time to REALLY think out of the box! Let’s get all the great financial wizards on Wall Street together and engineer a buy-out of either Fed Ex or UPS. Maybe just convincing one of them to sell out their domestic division for some tantalizing “financial instruments” would be enough?


Now let’s at the same time solve the long-time problem of AMTRAK by bring back mail trains. Maybe we could pick up a couple of bankrupt airlines for a song to handle the REAL need for airmail (not all these 200 mile flights)

Little things like the postal pension can be thrown in with a massive restructuring of Social Security which the now-grateful Wall Street community will gladly help us with.