Old Bus from the 1970’s Returns to Nice, France

HERITAGE – Gone for nearly 30 years, a former Line 4 bus is back to Nice where restoration will be completed. It complements the already rich collection of the Association of Tramophiles Côte d’Azur.

This is an old acquaintance for regulars on line 4 and is back in Nice, a true relic for enthusiasts. This “Saviem SC type 10 L” operated on the route connecting the Pasteur Hospital and Saint-Sylvestre for over a decade, from 1975 to 1987. “It spent its entire career on the line, one of the most important in the networks of Nice” stated Frédéric Giana, President of the Association of Tramophiles Côte d’Azur.

These enthusiasts have saved this bus from demolition to restore it. The body and pneumatic system for suspension and brakes have been redone in Lyon, where the machine arrived at nine Tuesday morning in cream and green livery of it’s origin. It is at the garage of the ST2N in Nice suburb Drap. This is where the volunteers of the association will spend long hours doing the interior restoration.

The majority of the collection is open for the public from May to September at the Ecomusée in Breil sur Roya. In addition, restored vehicles are operated a couple of times a year in regular service on the Nice system. We will update this blog when dates are available.


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