Nice, France Tramway Line 2 -July 2014

The Nice, France Tramway Line 2 is starting to move forward. Using WebSites about Line 2 and the basics from Line 1, let’s recap where Line 2 is headed.

Line 2 will be 11.3 kilometers long.
It will include a 3.2 kilometer tunnel from François-Grasso to Nice East on the quai Cassini below place Ile-de-Beauté.
The port will be 26 minutes to the airport.
There will be 19 trams operating on Line 2.
Line 2 will serve 20 stations, 4 of these will be underground: Alsace-Lorraine, Jean-Médecin, Durandy and Garibaldi.
During rush hour, trams will serve stations every 3 minutes.
While the number of travelers in transit is 70,000 per day currently commissioning of line 2 should raise this figure to 105,000. Eventually to over 200,000 per day.
Recipe for the tram, which is to reduce the flow of cars, to succeed, 4 park and rides will be built.
2,400 trees will be planted on the trace of the tram, which is 77,000 square meters.
Line 2 will cost 650 million Euros without taxes.
Line 2 will be running by the end of 2017