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Global logistics premiere for FlandersJune 12, 2014 – With the support from the Flemish government, Brussels Airport, Voka and Nallian are launching a unique platform which will enable the various players at BRUcargo to securely exchange information. Based on Nallian’s cloud technology, the Cargo Community System (CCS) will enable the various players in the cargo zone to exchange information faster and more efficiently.

With its “Strategisch Actieplan voor de Reconversie en Tewerkstelling” (START – Strategic Action Plan for Reconversion and Employment) in the airport region, the Flemish government wants to recharge the airport region and provide it with new socio-economic incentives. In 2012, as part of this framework, Brussels Airport, the private players at the airport and Voka started BRUcargo Secured Gateway; a research project in cooperation with and led by the VIL (Vlaams Instituut voor de Logistiek). The objective was to develop BRUcargo into the most efficient and safest cargo airport in Europe.

Cargo Community System

The BRUcargo Secured Gateway project revealed that a CCS was imperative to arrive at the desired short and long term process optimisation. The CCS enables an easier, clearer, more reliable and faster (real time) exchange of information between the various players (industrial shippers, operators, truckers, handling agents, airlines, Brussels Airport Company, customs and the FAVV (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain). The physical handling of the cargo will be improved and costs saved by this way of operating. The CSS enables continual process optimisation and provides the following benefits:

  •     flexible response to current and prospective market developments
  •     readily taking advantage of new technological evolutions
  •     remaining ahead of the competition from other cargo airports.

Nowadays, an efficient cargo community system is indispensable for the development of any logistics cluster and certainly for BRUcargo”, states Steven Polmans, Head of Cargo at Brussels Airport. “We see an enormous increase in information in logistics; both in the available information and the need for information. The challenge that lies ahead is managing and steering this properly and we believe that, in Nallian, we have found the right partner to achieve this.”

Global logistics premiere for Flanders

The project, of which the first results are expected within 6 months, is a global premiere. The CCS is based on Nallian’s cloud technology. In addition to CEO Jean Verheyen, there are various captains of industry behind the company, including Peter Hinssen and Jan De Schepper. Nallian’s data sharing technology enables companies to cost-effectively share information with all their business partners while maintaining full control of who can see what and under which conditions. This approach offers users and the Flemish government an integrated picture of the total value chain and strengthens the position of Flanders as Slimme Draaischijf van Europa (Europe’s Smart Logistics Hub).

According to Paul Hegge, General Director of Voka Halle Vilvoorde: “The CCS offers the industry and region the possibility of valorising existing competencies, enabling the existing industrial and logistic sectors to become more flexible, more competitive and more appealing. We are happy to be able to support our members in this and will facilitate the continued roll-out of the platform.”
The Flemish government’s investment in soft infrastructure will also have a clear leveraging effect on the existing logistics “hard infrastructure”. In the short term this investment will lead to concrete results and will support all players at the airport with the flows of cargo through this important logistics hub. This platform will certainly be exportable once established, whether or not in combination with the international expansion of our air- and seaport activities.

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