6 million men and women cared for by the North Platte Canteen


Photo Courtesy of Union Pacific Railroad

If you are familiar with the North Platte Canteen from WW2 you can associate the interest.  The local historical museum has an exhibit about this miraculous endeavor. Roselyn and Robert McFarland call it that because they have for weeks been reviewing letters sent later from soldiers and sailors who stopped for 10 minutes. The effect the warm touch of the visit had ,sustained many through their ordeal during the war.They remember the stop so vividly. The exact date , the food , the train, but most of all the touch of home that sent them on less frightened or received them home with care.

Anyway Roselyn and Robert McFarland are searching for photos of those troop trains .  Photos which might show something new or different that might add to the Canteen exhibit experience. Photos that might be used without a royalty.

The story must not be forgotten.

The men write in hundreds of letters that they stopped at many canteens but the North Platte Canteen was unlike any other and left an indelible mark on their life.

Please see the special section about the Canteen on the Lincoln County Museum WebSite

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