Better Life for you; Fairpromise


Definition of Better Life

of superior quality or excellence: a better coat; a better speech.
morally superior; more virtuous: They are no better than thieves.
of superior suitability, advisability, desirability, acceptableness, etc.; preferable: a better time for action.
larger; greater: the better part of a lifetime.
improved in health; healthier than before.


Synonyms of Better Life

advance, promote; reform, correct, rectify


Well, there are all kinds of Better Life:

Let’s focus on a great place to find Freedom: Fairpromise


Fairpromise is the next generation social network based on the people’s social commitment, aiming to become a top 3 social network and a complement for Facebook and Twitter. Fairpromise is an action engine which transforms promises (ideas, dreams, concepts) into actions. Fairpromise reduces the gap between people’s expectancies and reality and offers them a platform for accomplishments and achievements of realistic goals providing innovative project and risk management tools made extremely simple to improve their daily activities (users from 5 to 100 years old targeted differently according to their age, location).

Fairpromise is a free site promoting in a playful way justice, responsibility, fair play and educational values. Fairpromise is a personal, professional, political and social barometer.

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Innovation and Tech Companies Go Together



Innovation is central to the success and continued growth of the technology industry. Without innovation, there would have never been an iPhone or a Kindle Fire HDX, Windows or app stores. Innovation and the ability for companies to go beyond what they know to try something new is what pushes the industry forward and changes how we view and interact with the environment around us. Still, real innovation is somewhat hard to come by in the technology industry. At times when one new company springs up to deliver something truly new and innovative, others will simply follow its lead in the hopes of getting a piece of the business.
Tesla makes really cool, high end, electric cars. Buyer get high end tech, but pays for it.
SpaceX makes rockets and space stations. Bet they get outsource work from NASA as US & Russia not buddies.
Amazon is cool, building high tech warehouses and buying drones.
Google is an innovator too. Just heard they want to start production on driverless cars.
Aereo is a big and innovative “Over-The-Air” Broadcaster. Supreme Court  is way behind them in thinking.
Never count out IBM. They have been at it a long time.
Nest is owned by Google. Watch for all kinds of cool things
Corning is an old, established company but it is an up and coming innovator: Gorilla Glass: tough yet beautiful;
Square is making mobile payments not square
Vidyo is all about video over wireless. They are doing stuff Cisco can’t seem to do.

SpaceX has successfully developed rockets that can enter space and carry equipment and other important cargo to and from the International Space Station. As NASA’s budget gets cut even more, expect SpaceX to play a crucial role in space missions. – See more at: