SAP Brings Supply Chain Control Towers Out Of The Closet


As our faithful readers know, we have covered Supply Chain Control Towers for quite a while. Now everybody is getting into the act. SAP just announced SCM Control Towers are a new product offering.

See Scott Koegler’s article on SAP and SCM Control Towers.

SAP’s recent conference – SAPinsider – was held recently in Las Vegas. That isn’t really much news in itself. But one of the key revelations from the conference was its announcement that the company will be releasing something we at have been talking about for quite a while… a Supply Chain Control Tower.

A quick search on for Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) shows more than 20 entries that provide a fairly complete description and explanation of just what SCCTs are, should be, need in order to be successful.

Our own Ken Kinlock has devoted considerable time and expertise to providing this information, and at this point the resources he has compiled may comprise the most comprehensive description of SCCT function and operation available. Whether it is indeed the largest compilation, it is at least a great place to start your exploration.