The end of MicroSoft Windows XP


Remember what Chicken Little said: “The sky is falling”. MicroSoft wants you to believe the World is coming to an end if you don’t immediately get rid of your working satisfactorily Windows XP. All because MicroSoft cares for YOU and does not want you to go through life without their support and love.

The really stupid thing is that “support” from MicroSoft consists of a lot of non-essential fixes that any anti-virus software could catch plus stuff for MicroSoft Outlook (which many think should be trashed).

Bill Gates is off feeding widows and orphans. Steve Ballmer retired and is sitting in a rocking chair on his front stoop. The new guy trying to look good is Satya Nadella.

Microsoft said it was a hard decision, but Gartner has the real reason $$$$$

End of Windows XP support slowing PC industry bleed, says Gartner.

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