Been a Tough Winter in Northeastern US in 2013-2014


Just a week ago I saw a list of the snowiest cities in the US.

Syracuse, New York weighed in second with 114.8 inches of snow, but their average is 126.9 inches and Snowiest season on record: 192.1 inches in 1992-1993.

Buffalo, NY (4th snowiest city) would need another 13.7 inches of snow to even enter its list of top 10 snowiest winters. But since it’s America’s fourth snowiest large city and has seen well above-average snowfall, it makes the top five. All information below is through March 9.

  • Snow this season: 106.8 inches
  • Compared to average: 128 percent of average snowfall or 23.2 inches above average
  • Snowiest season on record: 199.4 inches in 1976-1977

Then this week snow hit again. Coming toward the end of a relentless winter, Winter Storm Vulcan broke records and created a travel nightmare for the Midwest and Northeast. On Thursday, the system took one final shot at New England before moving away from the United States.

Thousands of flights were canceled Wednesday and at least one pileup in Ohio turned deadly as the hazardous road conditions led to semis and other vehicles spinning out of control.

In western New York, the National Weather Service confirmed blizzard conditions at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, marking the first time in 130 years of record-keeping that there have been two blizzards in one season.

Bitter cold has returned to upstate New York on the heels of the blizzard that dumped nearly 1½ feet of snow on western areas. The National Weather Service says high winds and temperatures in the teens and single digits will drive the wind chill well below zero Thursday, a day after a blizzard closed schools and highways in most of the western half of the upstate region.

The weather service says the storm dumped up to 18 inches of snow on parts of western New York. Blowing snow caused numerous accidents on the Thruway, with sections of the highway between Syracuse and Buffalo closed for several hours.

Small-town record holder included in this Buffalo-Syracuse area is Boonville.