Marissa Mayer’s Leadership: 10 Ways She’s Restoring Yahoo’s Fortunes


Glad somebody doesn’t think she is an idiot, because I sure do. Hope Don Reisinger, who wrote the squid below, is only an investor and does not have to use the abomination of “mail” that she has created. Everytime I have to look at mail on YAHOO, it is more and more of a “super bad” experience. Have already talked about her little “trick” of not letting you sign out of her “wonderful” system: Marissa Mayer from Yahoo. I hope YOU don’t get HACKED

It all changes from day-to-day. They keep changing the size of the screen, but they don’t tell you how to scroll around this “huge” screen. I’m sorry, I read English but have not mastered “icons”. Why must I have to look all over for a “trash can” to get rid of SPAM? What was wrong with the words “delete” or “empty”? Every day there is something “new”, but does not add anything to just reading my mail.
But she does not care. The email systems have protected themselves so that it is not easy to swing an email “partner” over to a better system. I initiate all my “new” connections from great email system:
I just wish I could get rid of YAHOO for ever.
They are trying to change, but Yahoo will always offer a search service, see Mayer’s recent acquisitions. offers search where paid ads are not the whole first page.

So Long, Telecommuting

Despite calls from some workers and managers for enterprises to support telecommuting, Marissa Mayer made a surprising move last year to eliminate telecommuting at Yahoo. The decision was based partly on her belief that more innovation can happen when everyone is in the office working together. Mayer was criticized for it. But Yahoo, a historically telecommuting-friendly company, is now quite the opposite.

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When Marissa Mayer was at Google, she was viewed as one of the fastest-rising and prominent executives at the company. Mayer started at Google in 1999 as the company’s 20th employee. An engineer, she quickly impressed her bosses and proved instrumental in the development of everything from Search to Google News to Google Maps. When Yahoo appointed Mayer CEO in July 2012, it wasn’t immediately clear how she would perform in a long-established Web company that that had spent years trying to return to growth after finding itself overshadowed by a burgeoning Google. But in short order, Mayer got a grip on Yahoo’s challenges. Yahoo started making major acquisitions and has restored investor interest in the company. (Yahoo’s shares have more than doubled since she took office). It’s perhaps too soon to say for sure that Mayer will be the person to lead Yahoo back to long-term prosperity, but so far, she has make a good start. At just 38 years old, she has plenty of time to make an even greater mark on Yahoo and the IT industry. Read on to learn more about what Mayer has done to lead Yahoo out from under her former employer’s shadow.


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