New Addition At Connecticut Trolley Museum


Connecticut Trolley Museum is pleased to inform you that sometime today (Friday, January 17th), New Jersey Transit PCC Car #15 will be arriving at its new home at the Connecticut Trolley Museum!  This trolley car will be added to the museum’s collection and we are hoping to have it available for public rides for the summer season.  The addition of this trolley will bring our operating fleet up to nine trolley cars of various ages and styles to further enhance our visitors’ experience!

Summarized history of New Jersey Transit PCC Car #15:
Built in 1946
Built by the St. Louis Car Company (order #1653)
Twin City Rapid Transit as trolley #334 from 1946-1953
Public Service of New Jersey as #15 from 1953-1971
New Jersey Transit as #15 from 1971-2001
Trolley #15 was retired from service in 2001, shrink wrapped and mothballed

The unloading crew is hoping to have the trolley unloaded and on our rails this afternoon after which it will be moved to the shop to insure it is safe for operation.