Even More About Bar Cars


Continuing are article on Bar Cars. Picture above is when the current cars first started. CONNECTICUT POST got into the act today:

STAMFORD — As the state pours more than $1 billion into new rail cars, no money has been put into the tap to replace the 10 bar cars that are facing their last call by year’s end.

The state’s transportation commissioner has given assurances that bar car service along Metro-North’s New Haven Line will continue, but a final design for a bar car compatible with the new fleet of M8 cars has not been completed, and the legislature has not approved funding for them.

The bar cars on the New Haven Line — the last in operation on any commuter line in the country — are also facing competition from the more profitable drink carts on the platforms at Grand Central Terminal and from the need for additional seating as ridership continues to increase.

The fluorescent-lit, orange and wood-paneled cars have a dedicated following that seeks them out on websites and Twitter feeds, but as some of the 1970s-era trains have been retired and others go out for repairs, they are becoming a sort of speakeasy on the rails.



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