Supply Chain Intelligence: Using Your Visibility

ImageImageWe know that supply chain visibility is a requirement for any company competing in today’s global marketplace. You must be able to see something if you want to manage it. It is the key to Supply Chain Management. We have talked about the Supply Chain Control Tower and who sits in the tower, now we are going to talk about what should be going on in the Supply Chain Control Tower and what it can do for you.

Good Supply Chain Management procedures lower inventory and costs. So why do a lot of companies have trouble putting it all together? Everyone already has electronic identification/bar coding on just about everything. Lower-tier suppliers are very cooperative sharing their data. No, it’s not a report you want to see. That is something in a rear-view mirror. Instead you want to see a real time micro view of where everybody and everything is at. Basically, it is an exception report: things that aren’t right.