Connecticut Trolley Museum Winterfest


Live in Connecticut, Eastern New York State, or Western Massachusetts, you CANNOT miss this event at the Connecticut Trolley Museum

Join hundreds of others and start a family tradition of coming for a trolley ride during the holiday season.  Whether you ride a closed car or brave the cold to ride the open “electric sleigh”, we promise you a good time and one that you’ll remember for years.  Join your motormen in singing traditional Christmas carols as the trolley makes its way through the “Tunnel of Lights”.  Returning to the Visitor Center, it’s always a race to get into the warmth and enjoy a nice steaming cup of hot cocoa as you listen to the entertainment and admire all the model trains and displays.

Leave the hustle, bustle behind and enjoy the holidays as they were meant to be enjoyed!

Find out more, get times and directions.


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