Home Delivery: Big in the News



Amazon again! A partnership with the US Post Office to deliver seven days a week to the home. Think they will expand Amazon Fresh to NYC too. Been running it on the West Coast already. Amazon is the attention getter, but there is more to home delivery than just Amazon. Consumers have been receiving products delivered to the home since the advent of the merchant class.

It’s not just Post Office, UPS and FedEx in this business. Some of the real deals in the home delivery market: Corey, RDI Logistics, and OnTrac, have been in the business a long time. OnTrac is getting famous working for Amazon.

What about those of us who find “home delivery” a real pain? I live in a gated community with no concierge or doorbell. Nothing more annoying to find a “sorry we missed you” note in your mailbox. FedEx is the worst to deal with: even if they have my phone, they just leave a note and expect you to travel to an inconveniently located distribution center. I fight them every time and make them re-deliver and use the phone. A lot of Europe has a better (for me) alternative: Kiala . Their motto is “My parcel, when and where it suits me”. In my case, they deliver to a newsstand in my area and send me a text message when my package arrives.

Black Friday!  When Will it get over with? Millions of customers with credit and no money will descend on shopping malls and major retailers in pursuit of discounted “tchotchkes”. Then all the stores are now open “early” (like on Thanksgiving). It’s just another WalMart Day! Too bad we can’t just bring Thanksgiving back.