Analyzing and Reporting


A while back, in December, 2010, we covered How Business Analytics is Being Delivered in the EDI World. Lot of water over the dam since then, so let’s take a look! Business intelligence / analytics coupled with data aggregation are not new terms. They have depended directly on the business system (like SAP) hence indirectly on the EDI system. They go back before EDI: a lot of them were once called “Decision Support Systems.”
So what do we focus on with Business Intelligence? A common list includes: (1) Customer Behavior (what your customer has done previously is an indication of what the customer might do in the future), including data like does customer buy at store, over the phone or on the Internet; (2) Sales and Marketing Research (all kinds of external data); (3) Financial Analysis (includes budget analysis and “spend analysis”); (4) Procurement; (5) Supplier Relationships.

Lot of opportunities to collaborate with partners like suppliers, vendors, customersWant to safely jump into this amazing new world? Best finding an experienced partner for help. Check out Techdinamics. For a robust link to vendors, see the EDI Tool Box.