Goliath Letter About David a.k.a. GXS versus Todd and Loren Data


You will enjoy this…got a call today from a consultant with a handful of spokes on GXS that trade with SPS customers. He said he read everything out there, stuff we put out, GXS put out, independent, legal. Said, “Seems we need to cut a link out of the ‘daisy-chain’ so I’m going to have my customers sign up with Loren Data and cut GXS out of the loop.”

Signing up is simple and painless, just go to www.ld.com

Now for the “official” GXS Announcement:

“Interconnect Advisory:
GXS to Stop New Loren Data Partnership Setups Effective January 1, 2014
GXS previously announced the agreement governing the connection between Loren Data and GXS will expire at the conclusion of its term on March 4, 2014; and that
GXS would enter into a static environment andno longer enable new relationships via the Loren Data Interconnect starting November1, 2013. The date to enter a static environment and no longer enable new Loren Data relationships has now been extended to January 1, 2014. GXS will be using the period from January 1, 2014, to March 4, 2014, to monitorthe static environment in order to ensure that all clients have been notified and migrated.
GXS clients who are still sending or receiving transactions via Loren Data are encouraged to seek alternative connectivity options immediately, in order to provide sufficient time for both them and their trading partners to establish and test new routing options.
Contractual terms with Loren Data for the Interconnect Service will expire on
March 4, 2014, and at that time GXS will have no way of receiving or sending data to Loren Data.
GXS clients with any questions regarding this service change should contact their GXS support team or send an email for assistance to gxs.interconnect@gxs.com.”
This announcement was presented as a public service by Daisy Chainers Anonymous.
Let us know how you feel about what is going on.