Newington Junction Railroad Station


We have several collections of railroad stations, the largest is Connecticut. One that was missing was Newington Junction.

Our friends at Tyler City Station, The most authoritative source for information on Connecticut railroad stations, donated pictures and information on Newington Junction. We would like to thank them very much.

Newington Junction is a section of the town of Newington, Connecticut. It is centered at the intersection of Willard Avenue (Route 173) and West Hill Road in the northwestern part of the town, in the area generally just south of the Hartford city line. The name of the area refers to the railroad junction where the railroad line from New Haven meets with the railroad line from Bristol and Waterbury. The depot on the left was built in 1891 by the New York & New England RR. The passenger station on the right and the freight depot behind it were constructed by the NYNH&H in 1890.

East-West:Hartford, Providence & Fishkill, New Haven Highland Division, Pan Am
North-South: Hartford & New Haven, New Haven, Amtrak (Springfield Line)


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