Lots of Good News About the Utica Comets (even in August)!


An alien, an astronaut and a dog will compete to become the Utica Comets mascot.

So far, the space the me seems to be winning over local fans. Guess because a “comet” is something in space?

Fans can vote by filling out a form on the Utica Comets’ Facebook and Twitter pages. Voting ends at 5 p.m. Friday August 9

Have you checked out the new Utica Comets WebSite? www.uticacomets.com

Keep watching for the schedule  in August.

Laurence Gilman, the VP of hockey operations for the Canucks is closely following the birth of the Comets as a new AHL franchise. He regards the Comets as very important to the whole Canucks organization.

(1) Younger players gain experience and hopefully move up to NHL and the Canucks

(2) The Comets are the reserve for Canucks in case of injury or illness.