Passengers to Tahawus

Here is a reprint from a YAHOO Group

I agree and I don’t

They plan to start hauling aggregate stone from the old titanium mine in Tahawus. There is a huge pile of tailings (millions of tons) which were left over from the mining operation. As for passenger operations, there really isn’t a destination up there that tourists would want to travel to, other than enjoying the ride itself.

 It is interesting to hear that SNCRR has already run equipment up to Tahawus. Work has been consuming so much of my time I have little free time to keep up to date on things.As for passanger service the only real destination is Newcomb, NY and SNCRR would have to provide some sort of shuttle service from the tracks into town. As there is little to do in North Creek for a 1 day round trip for someone there is even less to do in Newcomb. I would imagine that passanger service would interest some people, but I doubt it would be a large number of people.The biggest question on my mind is if Iowa Pacific will bring newer equipment in to operate these train to and from Tahawus? Their current fleet has broken down several times last year and with an aged fleet will it be dependable enough for the task?
 Yesterday, June 1st, I was up in Tahawus and near the mines. I was curious to see how far the Saratoga & North Creek Railway (Iowa Pacific) had gotten in their work to open the rail line from North Creek to the Tahawus Mines. I pulled off of N.Y. Rt. 28-N at the Boreas River crossing onto Moose Pond Road and drove in to where the rail line crosses Moose Pond Road. From this point all the way into Tahawus the right of way has been cleared of all trees and vegetation, but as the picture in my file will illustrate plenty of MOW is still required before a train will travel down these tracks. From what I see Iowa Pacific will be rebuilding this line from scratch.
> Here is the link to the file I created (D&H Adk Div (SNCRR) 6-1-13) containing the pictures I took at the Moose Pond Road crossing;
http://groups. group/dandh/ files/D%26H% 20Adik%20Div% 20%28SNCRR% 29%206-1- 13/
 What about a history trip twice a month ?I’m sure that they could get enough people who would want to go and see the town and the old mine.Also, isn’t that the trail head for a bunch of the hiking trails ?Maybe they could get people interested in hiking, drop them off for a weekend and let them hike.If they are running trains out of there every day, it should not be a big deal to put a passenger car on the end of train, or behind the engine.

I agree that they will need reliable engines, and I would think they are going to need to keep a schedule.

Where are they dropping the cars once they bring them down ?

Is CPR taking them from the Mohawk Yard to their final destination ?

How many cars are they planning on taking each trip ? 50, 100 ?

How are they going to load the cars at the mine ? Is NL still running the mine ? Or is IP going to have to buy heavy equipment to load the rail cars ?

What is the timeline for getting the operation running and the first load out of the mine ?


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