Where is Retailing Headed? If You Are In The Supply Chain, You Better Know


In April, 2013, Mike Martz wrote about “Omni-Channel“. It is all about the way we will be buying as a consumer. He sent an alert to eCommerce and the supply chain that it will have a BIG effect. To me, it sounded like a revolution was coming! I decided to learn more.
I took a look at an excerpt from a new book by Doug Stephens called “The Retail Revival: Reimagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism”. The retail that we know is going to change. Won’t be tomorrow; might take a decade or two. It is all about data, processing power and connectedness.

The word retail comes from the Old French word retaillier, meaning cut up or divided up. Thus a merchant who bought a large quantity of one or more products, then divided it up into smaller quantities for resale to consumers, was called a retailer. Doesn’t say anything about the retailer requiring a “brick and mortar” store. Consumers have always had to go SOMEWHERE to shop (store, internet, telephone, catalog, etc) because the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers controlled the show.

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