Social Media in the Acquisition Process


By now, we all know that organizations are taking full advantage of social media to closely connect with customers and to promote their products and services. But several articles and studies show that social networks are now a top purchase-evaluation tool for decision makers. Professionals connect to vendors on social media sites, and a many say that social media plays a role in every stage of the acquisition process. Just IT spending is expected to reach more than $3.5 billion this year. Influential buyers seek as much useful–and current–information as possible. They chat with peers and vendors who can help them make the right choice.

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New Haven Railroad Wooden Box Cars

Until 1941 the New Haven Railroad had no all steel box cars — in fact, as late as 1940 the newest box car had been built in 1912 and many were older although many had been rebuilt.  All had steel underframes but all were 36 foot cars rather than the more common 40 foot cars.  When the Great Depression began the New Haven had over 17,000 wood box cars – most of 60,000 lbs. capacity but some 80,000 lbs. capacity rebuilt cars.Image